I’m like many of you, a cyclist who enjoys the hypnotic humming sound of my bike tires on the asphalt,  the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a ride, and setting an example of fitness for my children and grandchildren. I’m more stubborn than I am athletic, especially when I set distance goals or participate in races or tours that I often plan a year or two in advance.


El Tour de Tucson Century.

At a Glance

• Arizona resident. Native of West Virginia.
• Graduate of West Virginia University (B.S. Journalism).
• Former marketing and advertising guy, mostly in the corporate world.
• Owner of three Specialized Roubaix road bikes, a Surly Disc Trucker touring bike and an old TREK hybrid.
• Sailor, kayaker and former distance runner — until my ankles gave out.
• Married to a scientist-cyclist.
• Favorite ride: The Loop, Tucson’s network of shared-use paths totaling 137 miles.

Have a great ride today.

— Joe Pickens